Saturday, May 21, 2011

2011 NBA Mock Draft 1.0

2011 NBA Mock Draft 1.0
1. Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving PG Duke Irving is a sensational talent who has great vision on the court. He may not have all the intangibles you want in a star player but the Cavaliers need all the help they can get and need to draft a potential star player in Irving. He may not have great defense but should be able to drive to the basket even against tougher competition.
2. Minnesota Timberwolves, Enes Kanter C Kentucky Although Kanter hasn't played competitively for quite a while he still seems to be in decent shape. Kanter is a big man who has some range on his jump shot but will do most of his damage in the paint. I wouldn't be surprised if the Wolves traded out of this spot for a veteran or look to trade back and pick up more young assets.
3. Utah Jazz, Derrick Williams SF/PF Arizona The Jazz may not be on the lookout for a big with having already acquired Derrick Favors and previously Al Jefferson they won't be able to pass up a potential star. If the Jazz get the opportunity to pick up Williams I believe they will if not for the given reason Williams says his best position is SF and Andrei Kirilenko, their starting SF, will be testing the free agent market this summer.
4. Cleveland Cavaliers, Bismack Biyombo PF International This could be a huge gamble at the 4 pick it could pay huge dividends. If Biyombo were to develop into the beast he could be the Cavaliers could develop the best pick and roll since Nash-to-Stoudemaire. I don't believe that the Cavaliers pick Valanciunas because he provides the same risk as Biyombo plus a buyout would have to be made and David Kahn could tell you what a hassle it is to go through that if the player doesn't want to go to your team.
5. Toronto Raptors, Brandon Knight PG Kentucky Knight is an intriguing prospect, he is not a fancy, shoot first point guard. He is a true PG who looks for the open man but can score when needed. The Raptors only option at point guard is Calderon who is vastly overpaid and who's skill level is declining by the minute. Knight is a former Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year winner. With Knight and Derozan in the back court there future could be bright.
6. Washington Wizards, Jonas Valanciunas C International Valanciunas is another one of those high risk/high reward type of players that every draft has. Valanciunas has all the intangibles you want in a franchise player but has a low basketball IQ and is still developing. He is fairly quick but doesn't have much of a jump shot.
7. Sacramento Kings, Jan Vesely SF International Vesely is another player still trying to develop his game as many International prospects are. He is a mediocre jump shot at best, and because of that may try to take it to the rack to much. He is definitely improved since he first broke onto the scene and is relatively large for his position and could create mismatches in the NBA.
8. Detroit Pistons, Kemba Walker PG UCONN Walker is not what one would call a true point guard. He is an exceptional talent who can score at will and if he were to develop more of a passing game he could become one of the truly dominate point guards in the game. He somewhat reminds of a Stephen Curry but has better ball handling skills. He is athletic and would be great in the back court with Evans and could dish to Cousins when necessary.
9. Charlotte Bobcats, Kawhi Leonard SF San Diego State Leonard has all the physical tools you want in a top ten pick. He has a freakishly large wingspan and gigantic hands which can sometimes negatively affect his shooting. If he can somehow put all his skills together at one time he develop into a very good basketball player. There is little doubt in my mind that Kawhi will have a successful career if coached properly.
10. Milwaukee Bucks, Tristan Thompson PF Texas Thompson is a great rebounder and a force in the paint. Thompson could develop into a great complement to the Bucks star player Andrew Bogut. With Bogut and Thompson in the same front court would be nearly impossible for other front courts to out rebound. With proper development Thompson could have an effective career in the low post.


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